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Boat shoes

Looking for nice boat shoes for the summer? You are in the right place at Cayucos! Our entire collection of mens boat shoes and boat shoes for women are made from sustainable and 100% vegan materials. Boat shoes with a timeless character available in many beautiful, warm colors that you can wear at any time! All boat shoes are 100% vegan and made from sustainable materials. The cotton is washed in enzymes and the soles are made of natural rubber. In addition, our entire collection is free of glue and the shoe boxes are made from recycled cardboard. Often, eco boat shoes are a lot more expensive, but at Cayucos we see this as a marketing trick. We go for a fair price for everyone. Mens boat shoes and boat shoes for women with a transparent and good story!

CAYUCOS boat shoes

The entire Cayucos collection is produced in a factory in Spain that has been run by the same family for generations. In the meantime, of course, many employees work outside the family, but everyone is still having a drink together at the end of a working day in the café that belongs to the factory. Amazing right!

Boat shoes for women

Are you looking for boat shoes for women, then you are at the right place at Cayucos! The Cayucos collection is vegan, sustainable, but also affordable! Would you like to know more about the materials used or the workings conditions at the factory, please send us an email. We are happy to tell you more about it! Who knows, maybe your question will contribute to making our production process even more sustainable. Are you going to order boat shoes for women, please pay attention to the size. Our shoes are a bit smaller, so you have to order at least one size larger, maybe even two. If you are not sure which size boat shoes you need, please contact us!

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Mens boat shoes

Also for mens boat shoes it is better to order a size larger, or even two, because they are smaller than your regular size. If you are not sure about the size of your boat shoes, please contact us and we will help you further!

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