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Eco sneakers

At Cayucos we choose for eco sneakers

If you are environmentally conscious, you adjust your lifestyle accordingly. We at Cayucos know better than anyone that it is difficult to implement this in all your habits. Especially in the department of shoes, there is little choice and sometimes there is little transparency where the sneakers are made and from which materials. Therefore go for eco sneakers at Cayucos! We have deliberately chosen to base our entire collection on ecological materials and use an environmentally conscious production method.

The production method of our eco trainers

All Cayucos eco sneakers are made in Spain in a factory run by a family. In addition to family members, there are of course other staff members who, of course, are treated equally! They even have a private bar at the factory where they chat and drink after work every afternoon.

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Use of materials for an eco sneaker

Most sneakers are made from leather or PU. Even if they are made of cotton, this does not mean that they are produced in ways that take into account the environment. Our eco trainers are of course! The cotton is washed in enzymes, the soles are made of natural rubber and we do not use glue. In addition, the shoe boxes are made from recycled cardboard!

The price of an eco sneaker

An eco sneaker is often much more expensive than a less sustainable one. The extra costs are usually not in the materials used, but in the fact that with many eco trainers the word “eco” is used as a marketing strategy and the price therefore automatically increases. We say no to that too! Our materials are sustainable, but have a fair price. Our eco sneaker is for everyone!

Order your eco trainers online!

Would you like to buy an eco sneaker, but do you have any questions about the materials used or the production process? Then get in touch! We are honest about the entire process and maybe your question even contributes to that. We want to keep improving our eco sneakers and that is only possible with you!