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Our story

Cayucos is a small town near the coast of San Luis Obispo County, California. A town represented by a lot of history and little tourism. Life is all about quietness, surfing, art, music and enjoying life in a slow and peaceful way. This inspired us to create our collection Designs and colours with a timeless character, ecological materials and 100% vegan. A shoe with a consciousness that maybe only have a few, made for everyone.

All our shoes are made from ecologically sound materials. The cotton is washed with enzymes and the soles are made of natural rubber and no glue is used in the whole process. This also applies to our recycled cardboard boxes. No use is made of materials or means that could damage health and production takes place in a certified factory in Spain.

For every style

We dare to label our collection as ‘slow fashion’. Next to the use of high quality, sustainable materials and safe working conditions we don’t spend a lot of time designing new products. We created a collection that will fit your wardrobe forever, whichever style you’re into.

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