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Vegan sneakers

At Cayucos we choose for vegan sneakers

If you go vegan by life, then you know it all too well. Vegan products such as clothing and food are more scarce than the non-vegan version, let alone vegan sneakers! The search is a lot harder for that! Since the majority of the shoes are still made of leather, you are very limited in your choice. Cayucos is changing that! We are a vegan sneaker!

The production method of vegan sneakers

Once you have found your perfect vegan sneaker, you often face the following problem. Sneakers that are vegan, are not always produced sustainably. There are many brands on the market that produce their vegan sneakers without animal materials, but do not take humanity and the environment into account during the production process.

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The working conditions of vegan sneakers

For example, the production of vegan sneakers is often still outsourced to countries in Asia or the Far East, where people work under poor conditions. At Cayucos both vegan sneakers for women and mens are produced in Spain. This factory has been run by a family for years, where all staff finishes working around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Afterwards they have a drink together in their own local pub that belongs to the factory. Amazing, right!

Use of materials for vegan sneakers women and mens

PU is often used, which is much less harmful to the environment than leather, but is still artificial. That is why we thought it was time to put vegan sneakers on the market that were made from ecological materials. The cotton is washed in enzymes, the soles are made of natural rubber and no glue is used. In addition, the shoe boxes are of course made from recycled cardboard!

The price of a vegan sneaker

The next problem is often the price. Vegan sneakers are often much more expensive than leather shoes, for example. You only see this problem really well when you look at the collection of a brand that sells both leather and vegan sneakers. At Cayucos we say no to that too! Our collection consists of shoes with a “normal” price so that everyone has the chance to walk on vegan sneakers!

Order your vegan sneakers womens and mens online!

Would you like to order vegan sneakers, but you are not sure what your size is or do you still have questions about the material or the method of production? Then contact us! We are always ready to answer your questions. Who knows, maybe your question will make us think and we can make our collection even more sustainable. We want to take a step forward every day!